West Island Montreal

Your floors need a super coat

The combination of smooth surfaces, water, grease, oil and soap increases the likelihood of slip and fall accidents in commercial settings and residential spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens. In fact, slip and falls on wet surfaces are the number one cause of accidents in hotels, restaurants and supermarkets with 70% of them occurring on levelled and flat surfaces.

So how do companies and households provide a safe slip resistant environment for their employees, their clients and loved ones? Our floor safety experts offer a wide range of high-quality, anti-slip floor and bathtub products that exceed the recommended safety standards.

Les Entreprises Québec Slip Solutions is one of the leading floor safety suppliers in West Island, Montreal. Our Safe Tile-floor safety product is a colourless, odourless and completely undetectable non-toxic biodegradable treatment. When applied to the floors, it dramatically increases the slip resistance of the surface by permanently modifying it, hereby, making your floors safer wet than when dry.

Using our products can also help save you money by lowering your insurance and workman compensation premiums by preventing the likelihood of any further slip and fall accidents in residential and commercial areas. Get in touch with expert floor safety specialists in West Island Montreal by calling us at (514)-602-2274!

Our biodegradable cleaner can keep your floors stay slip-resistant!

Whether you’re in the hospitality business, senior residence facilities, community services or industrial manufacturing, slips and falls are on top of the list of least desirable incidents that you need to avoid. That’s why we offer a wide range of high-quality anti-slip products to make your floor surfaces slip-resistant!

Les Entreprises Québec Slip Solutions offers a complete line of slip-resistant floor and bathtub products that can be used on indoor and outdoor floor surfaces. Our Safe Grip incorporates a unique cold fusion technology that works better compared to conventional epoxy surfaces. It’s easy to apply, environmentally friendly, UV stable, contains high anti-slip properties, hard-wearing, non conductive, fire retardant and forms a weather-protective coating.

Our environmentally-friendly, biodegradable cleaners also work effectively to break down the oils and grease on the floor, resulting in increased slip resistance on your treated floor surface.

So get in touch with our floor safety specialists in West Island Montreal for all your floor safety solutions. Call us at (514)-602-2274 right away! Our products and services come with a minimum warranty of two years. Moreover, if you’re not satisfied with our service, we’ll happily redo the surface at no additional cost. You can email us at info@quebecslipsolutions.ca for further queries.