SUPER COAT is an inorganic hybrid polymer that represents an exciting technology in coatings that can provide anti-slip surface finishes that are more durable than what has been possible until now. It can be applied to practically all everyday surfaces to achieve OSHA and ADA compliant coefficient of friction (COF). SUPER COAT is an extremely easy to work with two part coating that is formulated to very low VOC levels.

SUPER COAT  coatings are hard; they are tough with excellent abrasion, chemical, solvent and stain resistance. They provide outstanding UV and weather protection and can even be used in continuously submerged applications.

SUPER COAT  coatings retain their gloss far better than practically any other topcoat in the protective coating industry, including the best of breed epoxies and polyurethanes. SUPER COAT is safe and easy to apply and is fully compatible with existing cleaning modalities such as walk-behind mechanical cleaning equipment.

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SUPER COAT  does not require burnishing, thus less aggressive cleaning with safer cleaning agents and softer bristle pads is recommended. SUPER COAT provides an abrasion, stain and water resistant glossy finish that helps protect the coated surface from wear and damage while reducing regular and costly maintenance such as stripping, polishing and waxing in a range of facilities including hospitals, universities, schools, airports, restaurants, hotels and resorts.

NO MORE STRIPPING – Stripping, burnishing or waxing are no longer necessary. When it is time to re-coat, simply add a fresh coat right over the existing coat. Quick and easy, once every 2 to 3 years.

CHEAPER – No stripping or burnishing means less floor maintenance labor and lower maintenance costs. An estimated 86% of floor care cost is labor. SUPER COAT  can eliminate up to 70% of that cost.

SUSTAINABLE – SUPER COAT  is a great way to make facilities more “green” compliant. Stripping, burnishing and re-waxing floors emit air pollutants; create chemical by-products and waste precious commodities such as electricity and water.

SUPER COAT with its unique chemistry and composition, ease of use and outstanding durability is now the coating of choice for all topcoat applications. Unlike other 2-part coatings it has virtually no unpleasant fumes or odors.  High solids and extensive coverage make SUPER COAT a cost effective, long term solution.