THE SAFE TILE™ Anti-Slip Floor Safety product is a colorless, odorless and completely undetectable non-toxic treatment and combined with the Neutralizer Solution, it becomes biodegradable. Yet it dramatically increases the slip resistance (coefficient of friction) by permanently modifying the floors surface making your floor safer wet than when dry.

SAFE TILE™ is not a coating, it is a treatment and therefore will not wear off. It is invisible to the naked eye and undetectable to touch, the surface is virtually unchanged when dry. Only Quebec Slip Solutions can offer you our Comprehensive Surface Safety Maintenance Program© (SSMP©) at no additional charge which is an integral part of your complete Surface Care Program. Making SAFE TILE™ the product of choice, for many establishment’s in every industry segment including residential communities.

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Stage 1: Readying the Surface

The first stage of the treatment is to prepare the floor by removing dirt and grease, cleaning grout of contaminants. MULTI – KLEEN™ was formulated exactly for this purpose so that the floor surface is prepared for the SAFE TILE™.

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Stage 2: SAFE TILE™ Rejuvenation treatment

The second stage of the treatment is used to micro- etch the floor to enhance slip resistance. Each surface is testing prior to treatment to determine the exact formula and timing required to achieve the desired slip resistance on the particular floor surface being treated. Once the desired slip resistance is achieved, the process is halted by the neutralization process in stage three.

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Stage 3: Neutralization

During stage three, the SAFE TILE™  is instantly neutralized at a pre-determined period of time required to reach the desired slip resistance. The neutralizer is applied onto the surface and later removed using a wet vacuum, squeegee or mop. As soon as the surface dries, it’s ready for normal traffic.

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Stage 4: After Care

As the  SAFE TILE™ anti-slip treatment actually modifies the floor rather than coating it, slip resistance is retained  as long as the actual floor surface is not worn away by heavy vehicular traffic. However, it is essential that surfaces are kept clean and free of debris and contaminants. In kitchen applications, a high quality degreaser such as MULTI -KLEEN™ should be used regularly to eliminate grease and fat build up.

See full details on our Surface Safety Maintenance Program© (SSMP©) 
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