Surface Safety Maintenance Program©

Keep it Clean to Keep it Safe©

Les Entreprises QUÉBEC SLIP SOLUTIONS offers you our Comprehensive and Universal Surface Safety Maintenance Program© (SSMP©), an integral part of your complete Floor Care Program.

Your peace of mind for slip-fall prevention, this one of a kind comprehensive program will provide the most complete protection against slip-falls, and ensure the best possible floor care for your ongoing safety needs.

We can help you reduce Workers Compensation claims by dramatically reducing or even eliminating costly slip-fall accidents, this will help prevent your liability insurance premiums from increasing, all at no extra cost to you.

The SSMP© is an ongoing floor safety inspection and maintenance program designed especially to identify and correct potential slip-fall conditions. We can help maintain staff awareness, and maximize the cleanliness of your floor surface.

The Surface Safety Maintenance Program© includes:

  • Staff training in proper cleaning & maintenance procedures for long-term floor safety.
  • Introducing Multi Kleen™ – our specially formulated all-purpose cleaner, degreaser, and sanitizer.
  • Ongoing regular written inspections to ensure continued floor safety.
  • Valuable assistance and documentation in the form of a Warranty Certificate and affidavit, if necessary, in the event of slip-fall lawsuits and claims.

For these reasons, our SSMP© is essential for keeping your floor surface safe and clean.

Our commitment to you:

On a regular basis, a floor safety inspector will examine your floor to evaluate its safety condition and make any necessary recommendations to you the customer. Upon completion of the inspection. The inspector will date and sign the report and provide you with a copy of the inspection.