SAFE GRIP has been designed to provide slip resistant edges and strips as well as attractive and protective coating for foot and vehicular traffic and for some very special situations.


The Safe Grip once cured, does not have any adverse effects on terrestrial and aquatic organism.


  • Trowel and edger applied

  • Quick curing – 4 to 5 hours trafficable, fully cured in 6 to 8 hours

  • Very tough and hard wearing

  • Very high – independently tested – slip resistance rating

  • Fire retardant

  • Electric current resistant

  • Odourless* – no solvents

  • Surface is non slip even with oil on it

  • Suitable for light to heavy traffic

  • Easily over-coated and repaired

  • Chemical resistant

  • Attractive, customer can choose most colours (minimum quantity may apply)

  • Easy to clean


SAFE GRIP is suitable as an Anti-Slip protective treatment for:

Domestic & Recreational

  • Garages

  • Steps

  • Entertaining areas

  • Driveways

  • Pool surrounds

Schools, Parks and Public Areas

  • Playgrounds

  • Demountable Classrooms

  • Walkways


  • Kitchens

  • Floor areas

  • Cool Rooms

Building & Construction

  • Anti-Slip flooring

  • Trafficable protective coating for steps & entrances

  • Repair and Anti-Slip treatment of stairs & walkways

  • Decks, balconies and patios

  • Equipment platforms

  • Scaffolding planks

  • Driveways and bridges

  • Pool surrounds

  • Car park decks, directional signage

  • Safety work areas

  • Factory and warehouse floors

  • Work platforms and scaffolding

  • Sloping areas


  • Boat decks and trailers

  • Decks and ramps

  • Marinas

  • Pontoons

Agriculture and Farming

  • Agricultural equipment

  • Cherry picker platforms

  • Animal races and pants​

Automotive and Rail

  • Load areas and steps of trucks

  • Forklift forks (limited warranty)

  • Vans and trailers & buses

  • Pedestrian crossing, bridges

Description: Safe Grip is a unique cold fusion technology which is a 2-part epoxy based, but superior to conventional epoxy surfaces, environmentally friendly, Anti-Slip, extremely hard wearing, fire retardant, nonconductive, UV stable protective coating. Safe Grip provides a tough, abrasion resistant, non-flexible trafficable coating in an attractive textured finish all in one can. Easy to apply for both indoor and outdoor applications,Safe Grip provides a slip resistant floor and protective coating for foot and vehicular traffic.

Anti-Slip Rating: As an indication of the products excellent slip resistance and wearing Properties, the slip resistance rating of Safe Grip have been independently tested according to AS/NZ4586:2004 Appendix A (Wet Pendulum Test) and achieved a BPN of up to 71 Class V/ .63 COF. Note: The manner in which the product is applied may affect its Anti- Slip rating and may produce a lower result. An accelerated wear test of 5000 cycles equating to approximately 10 years of average wear in a busy commercial kitchen, the product’s slip rating was reduced to a BPN of 55 Class V/COF .60

Colour Contrast: As per AS 1428.1 2001 Design for access and mobility

Part 1: General requirements for access—New building work standards specifies that;

9.1 Stair construction

(c) A strip, not less than 50 mm and not greater than 75 mm, shall be provided on the tread at the nosing with a minimum luminance contrast of 30% to the background.

NOTE: See Appendix D for information on luminance contrast.

The product has undergone a colour contrast test for several colours.

Environmental Claims: The Safe Grip once cured, does not have any adverse effects on terrestrial and aquatic organism. The product in its natural state (Part A and Part B) considered corrosive to human skin, not to materials,

but classified as Non Dangerous Goods for transport. It can be considered as environmentally friendly as it is long lasting and does not require re-coating every year or two. It has been employed on a project where the actual building is going through a 5 star Green Certification process.

Safe Grip Basic Colour range

The product is available in 8 base colours (Black, Dark, Grey, Light Grey, Red, Green, Blue, Yellow and Brown / Terracotta) and 3 Special colours (Gold, Silver and Bronze), but on request special colour can be made (minimum quantities apply)