Frequently Asked Questions

The SAFE TILE anti slip treatment uses technology from various industries to make tiled surfaces extremely slip resistant through a process known as micro-etching. Our application process is simple yet very effective, (we clean, we activate, we neutralize) the SAFE TILE solution is applied to the clean floor, agitated on the surface, and then removed from the area. As soon as the surface dries, it’s ready for normal traffic.

SAFE TILE is not a coating, it is a treatment and therefore will not wear off. To the naked eye, we see nothing but viewed under a high-powered microscope you would see millions of peaks and valleys. When a shoe makes contact with the wet tile, water or contaminants are evacuated, allowing your footwear to make contact with the surface of the floor at all times greatly decreasing the risk of slippage.

The COF is the measurement of traction on any given surface. It ranges from 0.0 to 1.00 In short, the higher the number the more slip resistant (the safer) the tile is, the lower the number the less slip resistant (the more dangerous) the tile is.

Today there are two main ways of measuring COF, the Static Coefficient of Friction (SCOF) which has been the industry’s go to measurement of choice and the newer Dynamic Coefficient of Friction (DCOF) which is heralded as being a more accurate measurement in determining slip resistance and floor safety.

A SCOF of 0.5 or better is considered a safe surface, whereas the DCOF considers anything below 4.2 a dangerous surface when wet. SAFE TILE treated surfaces far exceed either standard.

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It will save money for you by reducing the likelihood of slip and fall accidents and litigation at your work place and public places. At home it prevents a serious slip injury to loved ones on slippery floors, tubs and showers.

There is minimal or no disruption to your business during application in most cases. On average our Safe Tile anti-slip treatment installers (2 person crew) take 2 hours to treat one thousand square feet. We apply the treatment during slow times or after business hours so there is no down time. The floor surface is safe to walk on immediately after treatment is completed.

Our surface solutions are suitable for practically any work area. Indoor or outdoor surfaces including, entrances, factory floors, stairs, walking paths, workshops, canteens, restaurants, clubs, kitchens, bathrooms and change rooms, car parks, etc. We can even make the underwater portion of your swimming pools the stairs or ramps slip resistant.

We have a solution for all your slippery tiled surfaces whether it’s Ceramic, Porcelain, Quarry-tile, Granite, Terrazzo, Quartz, Limestone, Travertine, Marble, Concrete, Vinyl, Wood, Metallic, Poxy or Polyurethane.

Depending on the tiles being treated there may be some patches of white residue (this is known as Efflorescence) may appear on the floor. This is normal and will usually disappear within a few weeks, other than dramatically increased slip resistance, it is virtually impossible to tell the difference.

No, because there is no chemical remaining on the bathtub or shower stall floor. This is not a coating or a sealer. Once the treatment has been applied, it is neutralized and rinsed down the drain. What remains is a quality Non-Slip surface.

Yes, most definitely. QUEBEC SLIP SOLUTIONS technicians treat many non-slip floors because most non-slip tile or flooring from the factory is intended to only work with a dry tile or floor. The composition makeup of a non-slip tile or floor will inevitably leave the wet tile or floor vulnerable to slip and fall accidents. Therefore, yes (Safe Tile) should be installed on non-slip tiles or floors.

Our team of installers at QUEBEC SLIP SOLUTIONS installs every project as per the manufacturer’s specifications. The installation of all Anti-Slip Anywhere products is a highly technical process, which our professionally trained installers take great pride in. The treatment reacts differently to each floor-type, so it requires extensive knowledge and application skill to rejuvenate a floor. We’ve treated hundreds of thousands of square feet of flooring and are skilled in solving any issue that may arise. Our training and experience allows us to properly apply the solution correctly, safely and in the most efficient manner to minimize your establishments down time.

If your floor is properly cared for and backed by our comprehensive Surface Safety Maintenance Program© (SSMP©) as an integral part of your complete Floor Care Program, depending on traffic, it can last many years. Contact QUEBEC SLIP SOLUTIONS for additional details.