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Quebec Slip Solutions was born out of the idea of wanting to bring the very best Anti-Slip products available to the Quebec marketplace. In partnering with Anti-Slip Anywhere we believe our slip resistance product offering can successfully resolve every slip/fall scenario either in the home or workplace.

While it is a fact, most hard surface floors, (whether ceramic, porcelain, quarry tile, granite, marble, travertine, limestone, concrete and other) will become slippery and high risk when they become wet. We do not believe placing unsightly carpets / mats or placing “slippery when wet” signs everywhere is a solution to slip and fall accidents as they continue to escalate exponentially every year. Resulting in lost productivity, loss of key personnel, low employee morale, increased litigation and skyrocketing insurance and workman compensation premiums.

Today, our ECO-FRIENDLY slip-resistant products offer a new, better way to make your residential, commercial or industrial surfaces non-slip and safe… wet or dry!


Slip-Falls are the number 1 cause of accidents in Hotels, Restaurants and Supermarkets; 70% occur on flat and level surfaces.

Worker’s Compensation claims have surpassed $1.8 Billion per year.

Every 18 seconds a senior citizen is admitted to hospital from a slip and fall injury.

In North America, the total expense resulting from slip-fall injuries alone is a $100 million per day!

In Canada, some 60,000 workers are injured annually due to slip and fall accidents.

For every $1.00 spent on Floor Care, Businesses spend $3.00 for Slip & Fall claims.

Worker’s Compensation and Liability Insurance Rates have Increased on the average of 30% per year.

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