The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Slippery Stairs

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How many times have you missed a step while going down the stairs?

Perhaps the ordeal might have been a mere embarrassment for you in front of your coworkers but for others, it can result in serious injuries.

According to reports, approximately 1800 Canadians are taken to the hospital each day because of unintentional falls—of which, falling due to slippery stairs is one of the leading causes.

If you want to ensure that this number is reduced, you should consider taking measures to increase the traction on the stairs. Take a look at a few tips and tricks that can help you make your stairs at your home and workplacesafer.

The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Slippery Stairs

Add carpets

One way to avoid slips and falls is to cover the surface of the stairs with well-fitted carpets. This will ensure that everyone climbing the stairs or running down them has a better grip on the surface—ultimately, reducing the likelihood of falling.

However, this method isn’t fool-proof. Any fast runner can cause the carpet to become undone and increase the chances of other people falling if their feet get caught in the folds of the carpet.

Add rubber mats

Rubber is an effective product to increase the resistance of any surface—as such, they can work well for stairs too.

However, this method has a downside because mats are usually not at the same level as the floor. If the foot gets stuck or clings to the rubber by accident, it can cause a serious injury.

The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Slippery Stairs

Change the surfaceof your stairs

One of the most common materials used for stairs is tile, which is inherently slippery. To prevent accidental slips and falls, you can change the material of the flooring to wood or concrete instead. But remember both concrete and especially wood become very slippery when wet.

However, floor renovation is time-consuming and can be quite costly. Other than that, it can also disrupt the day-to-day activities of the household or workplace.

Invest in slip-resistant products

Since all the other options are either cost inhibitive or don’t guarantee sure-fire results, investing in products that increase the slip-resistance of your stairs is the best option.

Anti-slip treatment minimizes the problem of slippery stairs and floors. You can start by investing in high-quality anti-slip products that are designed to endure high-traffic and can withstand wear and tear. Our SAFE GRIP product provides slip-resistant edges by forming a protective coating on the floor. Its cold fusion technology is much superior to other conventional epoxy surfaces, making it highly durable. Other than that, it’s environmentally friendly, fire retardant, forms a non-conductive and UV stable protective coating, and can withstand wear and tear. It also cures quickly in an attractive textured finish in a multitude of colors.

In addition to that, you can test your floors to assess its coefficient of friction (COF) regularly to be wary of any possibility of slip and fall accidents.

The Ultimate Guide to Fixing Slippery Stairs

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