4 Tips for Keeping Your Hotel’s Poolside Safe

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With so many people and guests coming in to enjoy the day by the pool, hotel staff and management have to ensure the safety of all guests. Statistics tell us that an average of 36 drowning accidents occur in Canada each year due to slip and fall accidents near or around the poolside. In addition to that, a thousand more fall victim to poolside wet floors resulting in serious slip and fall injuries.

If you’re a hotelier, take a look at a few tips and tricks you can use to make your hotel’s poolside safe.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Hotel’s Poolside Safe


The first step to ensurethe safety of guests at the poolside is to hire a lifeguard that can keep an eye out for any individuals slipping and falling into the pool andreduce the risk of drowning.

Lifeguards must especially be present if kids are allowed to play near the poolside and if there are water slides or diving boards in the pool area.

Putting up signs

Another way to try keep your poolside safe is to set up signs that can convey clear-cut rules and regulations of visiting the pool to the guests.

The sign can highlight the maximum number of people that can be at the poolside at a time to avoid any accidents. Other than that, the use of phones and laptops should also be limited to reduce the number of slip and fall accidents caused by people who don’t watch where they’re going. Lastly, there should also be a mention of age and height limit for the pools.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Hotel’s Poolside Safe

Place non-slip mats in the area

You can place non-slip mats around the poolside to reduce the likelihood of slips and falls. The hotel management and staff can keep rotating the placement of the mats by assessing which area needs them the most and at what time.

In addition to that, you can also have a designated cleaner nearby who can remove excess water from the floor regularly during active pool hours.

Use anti-slip products

As useful as the other options may sound, they’re not fool-proof on account of being either too time-consuming or expensive.

Why not address the problem of slipping and fallingatits root? You can invest in quality anti-slip products that can increase the slip resistance of wet floors for multiple surfaces, even when they’re wet.

4 Tips for Keeping Your Hotel’s Poolside Safe

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