Eliminating Slips and Falls in Your Commercial Facility

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Every year, around 60,000 workers in Canada are injured due to slips, trips, and falls. Since commercial facilitates such as schools, healthcare centers, and restaurants are high-traffic areas, the risk of accidents occurring due to slips and falls is even higher.

As a result, slip and trip accidents are one of the leading causes for workers’ compensation claims which in turn, hinders the profitability of a commercial facilities’ business.

If you want to reduce the risks of that happening, take a look at some tips and methods you can use.

Eliminating Slips and Falls in Your Commercial Facility

Places slips and falls are likely to happen


Since lobbyfloors are often buffed and waxed for appeal, they can become a slip hazard if employees or clients walk in with snow-covered, mud-covered or wet soles.

Cafeterias and breakout rooms

Consuming food and beverages in cafeterias always has the risk of a spill here and there. If the floors are made of tile or vinyl, the smooth surface of the floor can easily become slippery if not cleaned immediately.

Roof leaks

Since Canada sees a lot of snow and rainy days, roof leaks in vulnerable spots are likely to occur—especially if your office connects to the outdoors. As such, even if you put a bucket under the leak, it can always spill and make the floor wet.

Eliminating Slips and Falls in Your Commercial Facility

How to avoid slip and fall accidents in commercial facilities

Watch out for the weather

It’s always best to keep an eye on weather reports so you can be prepared in case of any storms, snow or heavy rain. The weather not only affects the cleanliness of your facility’s floor but also hinders your efforts to keep your employees and visitors safe.

Use proper cleaning materials

Don’t just buy a cleaning product that smells good. Depending on the type of floor in your commercial facility, a cleaner can enhance or deteriorate the slip resistance  of your flooring.

If the work at your commercial facility entails a lot of spills, water, grease or oil such as in commercial restaurant kitchens, garages, industrial maintenance centers, etc. you need a cleaner that can break down the grease and or oil on the floor to help increase itsslip resistance capability.

Establish a slip-resistant floor maintenance program

Perform an analysis to determine the causes of falls and slips in your commercial facility. This will help you focus on the primary areas where these accidents occur and how to mitigate their effects.

In addition to that, you can decide on  a slip-resistant  treatment for the floors in your  commercial facility. This will allow you to diminish  the root cause of many slips and falls in the first place.

Eliminating Slips and Falls in Your Commercial Facility

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