4 Bathroom Safety Tips You Should Know

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According to the data collected by the Canadian Institute for Health Information, 4 out of 5 injuries that hospitalize seniors are slips and falls—primarily in the bathroom.

In addition to that, young kids who have trouble walking are also at the risk of falling and injuring themselves on slippery bathroom tiles.

Since a bathroom is one of the most commonly used rooms in the house, it doesn’t make sense to avoid implementing the bestsafety precautions that can guarantee a person’s safety inside the room.

If you’re looking for a way to keep your bathroom safe for yourself, your children, and elderly loved ones, take a look at some of these tips that can help you out.

4 Bathroom Safety Tips You Should Know

Avoiding the danger of scalding

How many times have you jumped out of the shower because of scalding hot water? Just like fire, exposure to water with a temperature as low as 133 degrees Fahrenheit can result in third-degree burns. Seniors with diabetes are at particular risk of this happening! Check how hot the water is before climbing into the bathtub so you can assess whether you need to adjust the water heater. In addition to that, always make sure that you check your child’s bathwater with your hand or an anti-scalding device.

Install grab bars in the shower and tub area

Did you know 12 percent of all accidents in the bathroom occur when you climb in and out of the tub or the shower area? Installing grab bars horizontally or vertically in the bathroom can significantly reduce the likelihood of that happening.

A grab bar can make all the difference between falling and breaking a hip and getting out of the showersafely. They also function well to assist elderly loved ones with maneuvering in the washroom.

Keep potentially poisonous cleaning products away

If you make use of potentially poisonous cleaning products, its best to avoid placing them under the sink area. This is because children can access themeasily and accidentally drink them.

4 Bathroom Safety Tips You Should Know

An alternative would be to secure them in a high cabinet with a lock, or you can do away with them to opt for eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaners that can remove excess grease from your bathroom floors.

Reduce the risk of slipping

Bathroom floor tiles become slippery when there’s water on them.

To prevent any mishaps from happening, old school would have you place non-skid mats on the surface of the tub and or in the shower stall. They may help by drying wet floors but they also run the risk of buckling, doubling over or losing suction over time—creating the very environment they were designed to prevent.

Today there is a better way! You can hire floor safety expertswho can help increase the slip resistance of your floor, bathtub or shower space by over 300 percent. They permanently modify that surface of your floor withoutmaking your tiles look or feel any different.

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