Ways to Make Your Slippery Commercial Kitchen Tiles Safe

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Did you know around 60,000 workers are injured due to slips, trips, and falls in Canada?

Some causes of these slips include wet and oily floor surfaces, occasional spills, flooring with less traction, obstructed view, and low lighting. If we were to find all of these causes in one space, they would all be present in commercial kitchens.

Whether it’s a regular busy day or a slow one, commercial kitchens always have a lot of activity going on. With a couple of chefs cooking on numerous stations and waiters coming in as quickly as they’re taking food out, accidents like trips, slips, and falls are bound to happen.

Keeping that in mind, are non-skid shoes enough to keep your employees safe? Let’s take a look at some ways you can make your slippery commercial kitchen tiles safe.

Ways to Make Your Slippery Commercial Kitchen Tiles Safe

Use separate mops for the kitchen and the dining area

All too often, a janitor mops the floor of the kitchen with the same mop they’ve used in the dining area. What happens is that the grease trapped in the floors of the dining area, due to occasional spillages, gets caught in the mop. Once the mop comes in contact with the kitchen floor, the grease is deposited onto it—making the kitchen floors slippery.

It’s best to use two separate mops to reduce the likelihood of accidents due to slippery floors. In addition to that, the mops should be washed thoroughly after each cleaning trip so that the deposited grease is removed.

Use a cleaner that de-greases the floors

Since restaurants and commercial kitchens are notorious for spills here and there, there’s no doubt that grease has accumulated on the floors. To improve the slip-resistance of your tiles, you need to clean your floor everyday using a cleaner that breaks down and gets rid of grease and oil.

This will increase the friction of your floors and allow the employees to work properly without any unforeseen accidents that may hinder their day-to-day tasks in the kitchen.

Ways to Make Your Slippery Commercial Kitchen Tiles Safe

Treat the tile

No single solution, any one solution—be it slip-resistant shoes, mats, proper cleaning practices or worker awareness—will totally eliminate the potential for a slip and fall accident to occur. However, all of the above precautions will help to make your commercial kitchen a much safer working environment.

It is a fact, commercial kitchen flooring will have a lot of water, dirt, grease and sweat deposited on them, making slipping on them a very real possibility.

In addition to that, the humidity, as well as the heat in the kitchen, can worsen the situation even further. Hence, its imperative that commercial kitchen floors be cleaned and degreased every day.  And the final part of your slip-prevention program should be to give your floors a high traction slip resistance treatment that significantly reduces or eliminates one of the workplace’s most common hazards.

Give your commercial kitchen tiles an anti-slip treatment to significantly reduce the likelihood of any accidents occurring due to slips and falls. If you’re looking for a no-skidding, anti-slip treatment, get in touch with one of the leading safety equipment suppliers in the Greater Montreal Area and Laval. Les Entreprises Québec Slip Solutions offers no-slip treatment for your commercial floor tiles with our wide range of anti-slip products that can be used in indoor and outdoor spaces.

Safe Grip and Safe Tile are used on commercial kitchen floors as an anti-slip application on tiles to significantly increase their slip resistance.

Get in touch with our floor safety experts to learn more about our floor safety solutions!

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